Downstream view of the Intake weir, showing a water pipeline crossing to the Left Hand side of the River.

Narrative description of Project:

Construction of new gravity intake about 11km upstream of current intake. New raw water with estimated flow of 13,620m3/day. A water treatment plant of 6,000m3/day. The sanitation component comprise of a 4000m3/day new sewerage treatment system for Malaba town.

Supervision of the Works involves; Preparation and submission of the construction drawings for the structural works, Examination of Drawings and Calculation, Notes drawn up by the Contractor, Examination of drawings and other documents drawn up by the Manufacturer, Quality Assurance Works Supervision-Coordination of works, Supervision of field Surveys, Project Quality Control and Quality Assurance Plans, Project Cost Control , Plan for Project Progress Control Works Commissioning-Prepare as built drawings and Prepare Operation & Maintenance Manuals.

Description of actual services provided by your staff within the assignment:

Design Review and preparation of tender documents, Carrying out detailed ESIA and RAP for the Project and obtaining relevant licenses together with compensation of Project affected persons, Developing a quality control and quality assurance plan necessary to ensure that the works are built and equipment installed in conformity with the Contractual Specifications, approved drawings, standards, agreed programme, good engineering practice, State-of-the-Art, the EMP and RAP, Supervising, Inspecting and approving works before, during and after construction